I had to add TailwindCSS to my Chakra UI Nextjs Web App

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I had a boring-looking landing page using Nextjs + ChakraUI for my SAAS docswrite.com. For months, I was struggling to revamp the landing page using ChakraUI. To give you some context, My landing page and the app dashboard are a single Nextjs App.

As I was using Chakra UI for the dashboard, I had no other option than using ChakraUI for marketing pages too. But I found ChakraUI to be extremely good for building UI components than marketing pages.

I knew tailwindcss and was looking to add Tailwind to my Nextjs project somehow. One thing I liked about tailwindcss is that I can copy elements from other examples. Those who have used Bootstrap know how powerful it is to build beautiful websites.

I found this youtube video which helped me to set up ChakraUI + TailwindCSS + Nextjs in a single project.

Now within a couple of week's time, I am able to revamp the entire marketing pages of my SAAS docswrite.com

Btw, currently, I am at $436 MRR . I hope with this professional revamp, I would be able to reach more customers soon.

Thank you for reading this. Follow my journey here at

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