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About Docswrite

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our website.
I am Sandeep and I am the creator of Docswrite. You can follow me on Twitter at @sandeep_indie

The entire Docswrite is built by me. I do the design, development, marketing, and support. I am a solo founder. Docswrite is a bootstrapped company. I am not funded by any VC or angel investors.

Every feature of Docswrite is influenced by the feedback from the paid customers. I try to support them as much as possible. I am always available on Twitter and email i.e [email protected]

I love automation. The entire publishing industry is using pretty manual processes. I want to automate the entire publishing process and to make it easy for the publishers to publish their content.

Not a faceless company. I am a real person.

I am a real person, hiding behind a company name. I feel this is important because I want to be transparent with my customers.

I am looking to build a long-term relationship with my customers. I want to build a product that solves their problems and a product that they love to use.

Please purchase a paid plan and support Docswrite. This will make the company sustainable and I can continue to work on Docswrite.