How to create a newsletter for a blog

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How to create a newsletter for a blog

A few days ago I announced that there will be an inbuilt newsletter feature for blogs. I had to offer this because a blog without email and newsletter is just a home without family.

I started working on it a few days back and mostly explored all the available emailing options. There are many big players in the market for email solutions. There are like many many options.

I finally decided that I will use

Creating an emailing list is easier

  address: '[email protected]',
  name: 'Sandeep Acharya',
  description: 'Mailing lists for repliable address',
  access_level: 'readonly',
  reply_preference: 'sender',

Adding an email to mailing list

mg.lists.members.createMember('[email protected]', {
  address: '[email protected]',
  name: 'Subhashree Chakraborty',
  subscribed: 'yes',
  upsert: 'yes',

Sending an email to a list

const data = {
  from: 'Pub Company <[email protected]>',
  to: '[email protected]',
  subject: 'Awesome work',
  text: 'Another email from me',

await mg.messages.create(DOMAIN, data);

I found the API to be very straightforward. I am now trying to figure out what happens if someone tries replying to a list. Mailgun Routes can be a solution. If you enjoy this blog, you may try starting a blog.

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