Google Docs to WordPress with perfect formatting including Images

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Google Docs to WordPress with perfect formatting including Images

Hi, I'm Sandeep. I am the creator of, a tool that acts as your personal VA/Editor for your WordPress sites. It would post your content from Google Docs to WordPress with perfect formatting.

It will compress all the images, convert them to WEBP and then upload them to your WordPress Media library.

Nofollow links are added for external links automatically. Youtube and Twitter links are converted into embeds.

The table Of contents is supported. The best part is you do not need to install any additional plugins and full access to your Google Drive is not required.

How does it handle formatting and styling?

There won't be any div tag. All paragraphs of Google Docs are converted into a p tag only.

The number list is converted into ol and bullet lists are converted into li. So it's 1-to-1 mapping. The produced HTML markup is excellent and high quality. Good for SEO too.

Most big sites use Google Docs because it is a lot easier to manage content there. Collaboration on Google Docs is next level.

But once you are done creating your content, I have seen people hiring VAs from Fiverr/Upwork for publishing their content. This is absolutely unnecessary and redundant.

Hence I created!

Image Alt Text

Alt text is possible in Google Docs images. Right-click on an image, and there you should see an option to add Alt text.

DocsWrite is intelligent enough to bring those alt texts into your WordPress site.

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