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Here in this article, I will discuss how you can easily convert your Google Docs to a WordPress post without any effort. In my opinion, Google Docs is the best writing tool available and its collaboration capabilities make it the best tool for writing. But When you write many articles and need to publish them one by one to WordPress, it gets difficult and boring.

Challenges to manually moving Google Docs to WordPress Post

  1. You need to manually copy and paste the Google Doc to WordPress. It’s fine for a couple of docs but for publishers publishing daily, it’s extremely difficult to manage everything on their own.
  2. There are many formatting issues. You spend too much time fixing the formatting. That’s a really bad use of your time.
  3. Tags, Categories, Authors, Yoast Meta, Slug, Featured Image everything has to be uploaded manually which takes a good chunk of time.
  4. As everything is manually done, Images are not compressed before uploading and your website gets slow day by day.

How to export Google Docs as WordPress Posts?

You must use a tool like to export your content to WordPress. It’s affordable ($1/day) and you can export many Google Docs to WordPress in one go.

As you can notice in the above screenshot, it’s possible to mention everything like title, excerpt, and categories all inside Google Docs and then you can export them via Docswrite either from the Docswrite dashboard or from your existing tools like Trello or Monday or any other tool you are using.

Few Benefits of using Docswrite to export Google Docs to WordPress

  1. All the images are compressed automatically and they are uploaded to WordPress Media Library
  2. You can set Yoast or Rankmath SEO details directly mentioning them in the Google Docs itself. See how to do it.
  3. The exported content is perfectly SEO optimized and ready to go
  4. Tags, Categories, Scheduled dates everything is possible in just one single place i.e Google Docs.
  5. You save 30~45 mins for each article export. Also, you can invite everyone to Docswrite instead of your WordPress for publishing articles.
  6. Newspack integration is there.

As you can notice, it’s possible to mention all the details in a Trello card and export them just by moving the card to a specific column. That means you can move Google Docs to WordPress Post by just moving a Trello card. It’s amazingly powerful.

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