Do you have a blog for your business? If not yet, why?

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I think it's well-known fact everyone should start doing content marketing from DAY 1 of their product.

I believe anyone should start creating content even before the MVP.

Most founders only create a basic landing page and think it's enough.

The fact is it's not enough. The general audience/users do not get the full picture of your product just from a fancy landing page. They need to read your story, why are you building it, how it can be helpful to them etc.

Once you have a /blog on your domain, you are already ahead of most of your competition.

I am building software for the last 8~9 years. Still, I feel lazy to set up a WordPress site.

I love writing in Google Docs and most people love writing in GDocs.

That's why I started building (Create a blog

from Google Docs in 30 seconds)

It makes blogging easy for anyone. You can connect your custom domain or configure it as a subroute (/blog)

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