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Strikethrough Shortcut in Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can use the strikethrough shortcut to cross out text. Here's how you can do it:

  1. On a Windows PC, press Alt + Shift + 5.
  2. On a Mac, press Command + Shift + X.

You can also access the strikethrough option by going to the "Format" menu at the top of the screen, then selecting "Text" and clicking on "Strikethrough." This is a handy feature for editing documents, allowing you to visibly mark text for deletion or emphasis without actually removing it.

Strikethrough Shortcut in Google Docs

Using Keyboard Shortcut:

  1. Windows: Press Alt + Shift + 5 together.
  2. Mac: Press Command + Shift + X together.

These shortcuts allow you to quickly apply the strikethrough effect to the selected text.

Using Menu Options:

  1. Highlight the Text: First, select the text you want to strikethrough.
  2. Navigate to Format: Click on the "Format" menu at the top of the Google Docs interface.
  3. Choose Text: Hover over "Text" to reveal a submenu.
  4. Select Strikethrough: Click on "Strikethrough" from the submenu.

Using the Toolbar:

Some users may have a strikethrough icon in their toolbar, depending on their settings and extensions. If available, you can simply highlight the text and click on the strikethrough icon.

Why Use Strikethrough?

Strikethrough is a valuable tool in various scenarios:

  1. Editing Documents: It allows you to show what text has been marked for deletion, providing a clear visual cue without losing the original text.
  2. Emphasizing Changes: In collaborative work, it can highlight changes or suggestions made by different contributors.
  3. Stylistic Choices: It can be used for stylistic purposes in creative writing or marketing materials.

The strikethrough feature in Google Docs is accessible through both keyboard shortcuts and menu options. Understanding how to utilize this feature can enhance your editing process, making it more efficient and collaborative. Whether you're working on a professional report, academic paper, or creative project, the ability to strikethrough text provides a versatile tool for your writing and editing needs.

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