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Docswrite - The best way to publish content to WordPress

Learn why is the best alternative to

Integration with Trello:

Users love that Docswrite allows them to seamlessly publish articles directly from their Trello boards. This eliminates the need to open WordPress separately and streamlines the content publishing process.

Time-saving features:

Users appreciate that Docswrite exports content, SEO settings, and compresses images all at once. This time-saving feature allows content teams to efficiently handle multiple aspects of publishing without having to go through various platforms.

Scalability for large portfolios:

Users find that Docswrite is a valuable tool for managing large volumes of content, such as the case where this reviewer mentions handling around 250 blogs a month. This capability makes it an attractive solution for organizations with extensive content needs.

Streamlined content management:

By enabling users to mention all the necessary fields (e.g., author, Yoast title, description, focus keyword, tags) within Google Docs itself, Docswrite simplifies and streamlines the content management process. This feature allows for better organization and reduces the need for toggling between different platforms.

Positive overall experience:

Overall, users show enthusiasm and satisfaction with Docswrite, with one reviewer simply stating "It is great." This positive sentiment reflects a generally pleasant experience with the platform and suggests that users find it reliable and effective in aiding their content management efforts.

The pain points of WordPress Publishers

Tedious and time-consuming publishing process:

Users expressed frustration with the time and effort it takes to publish content using their current methods. This pain point and the desire for a more efficient process likely motivated them to seek out a solution like Docswrite.

Overburdened content team:

The mention of content teams spending a significant amount of time on publishing suggests that the workload is overwhelming and inefficient. This could have been a driving factor in their search for a tool like Docswrite that can streamline the process and alleviate the burden on the team.

Need for consistent and accurate SEO settings:

Users mention the need to include fields such as author, Yoast title, description, focus keyword, and tags in their content. The effort required to ensure consistency and accuracy across multiple platforms was likely a motivation to find a solution like Docswrite that allows for better organization and management of these settings.

The desire for centralization and collaboration:

The mention of integrating with Trello as a publishing platform indicates a desire for centralization and collaboration. Users may have felt the need to have a single platform or system that brings together all the aspects of content management and publication, leading them to explore options like Docswrite.

Excessive time spent on content management:

Users mention that Docswrite saves them multiple hours per day in publishing content to multiple websites. This suggests that their previous content management process was highly time-consuming, leading to a strong motivation to find a solution that could reduce the time spent on these tasks.

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