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Generate Programmatic Content for WordPress

Easily create and publish dynamic content for your WordPress site using Google Sheets and Google Docs.
Simply create a template in Google Docs and pull in data from Google Sheets.
With the click of a button, your content is live on WordPress, including any images that are imported into the WordPress Media library.

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What can you do with DocsWrite?

Publish content from your Existing tools like Trello, Airtable, Monday etc.

With our API, you can publish content from your existing tools like Trello, Monday, Airtable etc.
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Publish content from your Drive

You can publish fresh content from your existing or new Google Docs. You can pickup files from your Drive and publish them.
You would be able to select tags, categories, and even schedule them for later.

Programmatic Content Creation

Publishers love Docswrite

Game changer for Publishers

Docswrite is a game changer for publishers that want to automate getting their content from Google Docs to Wordpress. We are saving at least 1/2 of a position incorporating this into our workflow

Ross Furukawa

President, Co-Founder of Santa Monica Daily Press

The best way to publish content

We are astonished by the time we save with docswrite. The integration is really fast and easy compared to other similar tools.

Great software and excellent support!

I have been using DocsWrite for a month now. With no experience in SEO and Programatic SEO, I have been able to create around 300 blogs posts. Sandeep has been extremely helpful. The Software had some issues with my website at first, but it was all resolved quickly because of Sandeep's customer service, trying to get everything working straight! I am very happy with the software and that excellent support if any issues! Highly recommend him and his software!

No more manual work

We managed to grow our daily traffic with 10% for the first month with docswrite! This really saves us a ton of manual work.

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Extremely easy to setup

Docswrite connects to your WordPress in 1 click

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Publish your Google Docs to WordPress at Scale



Basic Plan




  • Export upto 150 Google Docs/month to WordPress
  • Connect 1 WordPress Site
  • Webhook Access (useful for Zapier or Make Webhooks)
  • Upto 5 Seats for your team
  • Upto 500 rows from Google Sheets for Programmatic Content Creation
  • Google Team Drive
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Pro Plan




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